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Tupperware Lids

What’s Up With The Tupperware Lid?

Have you seen Ellen lately? On January 20th Ellen had a small rant about Tupperware lids.

Tupperware lids
The new colors of Tupperware

Maybe we should start with how our lid was invented. Earl Tupper was a chemist and an Inventor. He experimented with polyethylene slag (a waste product from the oil refining process. He had success creating non-breakable  containers to hold food. Then he wanted a way to help make the food last longer. He looked at a paint can and realized how long paint stayed fresh, and the Tupperware lid was born. Our lids are made before the container is.  The color is often changed, so you can find Tupperware lids in many colors. Remember the old yellow, orange and brown? Now we have beautiful pinks, purples and blues. Tupperware prides itself on being air tight, seal tight and liquid tight. So therefore our lids are very tight. On occasion, too tight. (It’s interesting that I can’t open a jar of pickles and my husband can. Yet when it comes to Tupperware, he can’t seem to close the lids.) Wonder why that is?

The solution:

Soak the lids in hot water to make them pliable. Then seal the container and leave it on for a day. That should do it. If it doesn’t then no problem. Tupperware has a lifetime warranty. Seek out your local Tupperware Consultant and she will either get you a new lid or a similar product.

Have you ever had a lid problem with your Tupperware?

6 Responses to What’s Up With The Tupperware Lid?

  1. I find the lids hard to put on but at least I know they are tight. I’ve only had to soak it once or twice. Usually just making sure it’s on a firm surface that is low enough I can apply pressure helps. They aren’t the kind you can pop on in mid air.

  2. ROFL Ellen is funny. (I feel guilty watching her, but, she IS a funny person!)

    I hear this all the time about Tupperware lids. Growing up, my mother was a Tupperware lady, so I grew up knowing how to do this and it boggles my brain when I find someone who doesn’t know how to put the lid on, or the tricks to try when a lid is being ornery.

    Cute post! Thanks for sharing!

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