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My Blog Mission

 What is my Blog Mission?

I am new to Blogging. Laptop


I’ve been doing it for a year now but haven’t really had any concrete idea of what I’m blogging

about. The basic idea was to have a blog to help sell my products. I like to find ways to celebrate fun, weird celebrations. So I was posting about those strange days. Such as Happy Old Stuff Day.

So I’ve had no consistency

I have many interests.

I’m a Grandmother. My favorite author is Stephen King. I love wine. I have been a Girl Guide Leader for over 20 years. I’m a nanny. I want to be and stay organized, and I Love Tupperware and Thirty-One.

I have also  been researching how to figure out my niche.

I found something good that talks about identifying your hobbies and interests, your classification (nurturer, teacher, care giver…) and your personality traits. That all gave me, in addition to my classification, crafting, knowledge, getting organized as well as fun loving, responsible and a problem solver. Although helpful as an insight, still not specific enough.

It’s obvious throughout that Organization is definitley my main blog mission.

I love the though of organizing and I do it all the time. My problem comes with staying organized. I am really an Organizer want-a-be. I also love my Tupperware and Thirty-One products. That is why I named my blog as I did.

blog mission

So at long last, here is my blog mission:

Sharing with you Getting and staying Organized tips and information and ways to use Tupperware and Thirty-One

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