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2013 Biannual Blog-A-Thon Bash set up this blog before the last Blog-a-thon in January. My hopes were to help market my direct sales businesses. I have not given my blog the attention it deserves. Part of my problem is not really knowing exactly what I want to right about. I do want to share my wonderful products but I also need to make posts that interest and inform others. I am hoping to learn more about successfully blogging and get some great ideas on what to post about with this blog-a-thon.

Life has been rather busy and I  have not posted consistently. I am done my day job at the end of this week and hope to put more time into my direct sales businesses, blogging and social media. I also hope to squeeze in some house cleaning/organizing.

I’ve mentioned before that I truly want to be ORGANIZED but have had a difficult time with it. That may very well be a good thing to post about. Especially as my products have a lot to do with organizing.

I hope to have more time to read blogs I am interested in and get  more fans and interaction with my fan pages. Oh and I need to figure out how to get rid of all the spam messages I get without annoying readers with captcha.

I love the Blog-a-thon. It is such a great way to get busy with your blog. If you are a blog-a-thon participation please leave a message with ideas on what i should be posting about. If you are not a participant, be sure to check it out at

2 Responses to 2013 Biannual Blog-A-Thon Bash

  1. Microwave cooking and cooking with kids as I love Tupperware and the kids baking set. Anyway have a wonderful weekend. It was nice to stop by and I love the name of your site and the header. Stop by and visit me as I am also in the event. There is a linky where you can link up your post to.

  2. Glad you are joining in again!