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Tupperwares Great New Prices

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Tupperware is rolling back their prices!

The prices of many of our most popular products are being reduced in our New Summer Catalog

smooth chopper


The Smooth Chopper was $71 it is now $12 cheaper at $59



The Chop ‘N Prep Chef (I can’t do without mine!), has gone from $54 to 47



The best Microwave cooker, The Stack Cooker complete system (not usually available as a complete set) has been reduced from $165.50 to $156


Another of our most popular products the Vent ‘N Serve (the best microwave reheatable containers) all have also been reduced. You can get the 7 piece set for $20 less!!!



Our Freezer Mates complete Set has gone from $115.25 to $108!


These are our regular Summer catalog prices. You will of course same even more when items go on sale in our Brochures.

View the Summer Catalog (coming soon)

View the Mid April Brochure

What is your favorite Tupperware product?

One Response to Tupperwares Great New Prices

  1. It’s always great when prices go down!

    Thanks again for joining the blogathon! I know you won’t be home for most of it but I’ll see you as much as you can.